Why the stand up pouch market demand is growing

Why the stand up pouch market demand is growing


According to MR Accuracy Reports, the global stand up pouch market is expected to grow from USD 24.92 billion in 2022 to USD 46.7 billion in 2030. This expected growth rate also illustrates the expanding market demand for stand up pouches. Rising health awareness and rising per capita income have led to an increase in the demand for food and beverage packaging, as well as a greater focus on the quality of food packaging, which in turn drives the demand for stand up pouches.

Stand up pouches are becoming more and more popular as a preferred packaging form. They have excellent sealing properties, high strength of composite materials, light weight, easy transportation, beautiful appearance, and can better protect products; plastic packaging materials are of various types and materials. It has the characteristics of anti-static, light-proof, waterproof, moisture-proof, good chemical stability, impact resistance, and strong air barrier performance, so it is more suitable for the public's demand for vertical packaging bags. At the same time, as far as the current situation facing the plastics industry is concerned, the world seeks to develop enterprises in an environmentally friendly manner, so it is more beneficial to use environmentally friendly raw materials when making plastic packaging bags.

According to the latest data analysis of FMI, plastic packaging is extremely widely used, and various industries such as beverage and food, cosmetics and personal care, and chemical industry are increasingly using flexible packaging as their product packaging. Nowadays, whether it is the packaging of gifts, online shopping, the packaging of clothes or the packaging of food, the use of plastic packaging bags is inseparable. Because of this, the demand for plastic packaging bags in the market continues to grow. In other words, plastic packaging bags are very important in our daily life.

Post time: Sep-15-2022