Custom anti-static aluminum foil laminated LED light strip three side sealed packaging pouches with zipper

Custom anti-static aluminum foil laminated LED light strip three side sealed packaging pouches with zipper

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Neat trimming, strict edge sealing, beautiful packaging, attention to detail, non-toxic and odorless, in line with packaging industry standards

Price: $0.03-0.09 (Depends on the details)

Payment Term: 50% as deposit,50% before shipping.

Lead time:15-20 days


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Product Description

The product is suitable for packaging with anti-static requirements: such as various PCB boards, IC integrated circuits, LED components, computer peripherals and other static sensitive precision electronic products.

Three side sealed bag, that is, three side sealed, leaving only one opening for the user to pack the product. Three side seal bags are the most common way of making bags. The three side seal bag style is three sides sealed and one side open, this kind of bag has good airtightness, retailers usually use it to keep the freshness of the product. The airtightness of the three side sealed bag is the best, and the vacuum bag usually must use this bag making method. Side sealing bags are widely used in snack food packaging bags, facial mask packaging bags, etc. in daily life. The three side seal pouch style is three sides sealed and one side open, which can be well hydrated and sealed, ideal for brands and retailers.

The main products and characteristics suitable for three side sealing bags:
Plastic food packaging bags, vacuum bags, rice bags, stand up bags, zipper bags, aluminum foil bags, tea bags, candy bags, powder bags, rice bags, cosmetic bags, eye mask bags, medicine bags, pesticide bags, kraft paper plastic bags, special shaped bags, anti-static bags, plastic bags.

Composite three side sealed plastic bags have good barrier properties, moisture resistance, low heat sealability, high transparency, and can also be printed in colors from 1 to 9 colors. Commonly used in daily necessities composite packaging bags, cosmetics composite packaging bags, toy composite packaging bags, gift composite packaging bags, hardware composite packaging bags, clothing composite packaging bags, shopping malls composite packaging bags, electronic product composite packaging bags, jewelry composite packaging bags, sports Equipment composite packaging bags and other products from all walks of life composite bag fine packaging.

Three side seal bags are highly expandable and have a series of customizable features, such as custom resealable zippers, adding easy-open tear openings and hanging holes for shelf display.



Detail Data

Item Custom anti-static aluminum foil laminated LED light strip three side sealed packaging pouches with zipper
Size & Thickness: Customized Per Your Request
Feature: Moisture Proof, Reusable
Place of Origin: China
Materials: PET/VMPET/PE
Brand name OEM/ODM
Color: Customized Per Your Design
Style Options: Flat Bottom, Stand Up, Side Gusset, Zipper Top, With/Without Window, Euro Hole, etc.
Surface Handling: Gravure Printing
MOQ: 10,000PCS
Payment: L/C, Western Union, D/P, D/A, MoneyGram, T/T
Delivery Time: 7-15 Working Days After Design Confirmed
Packing Standard Carton Packing

Detail Pictures

three-side-seal-pouches (1)
three-side-seal-pouches (2)
three-side-seal-pouches (3)


  • Easy to open and close
  • With resealable zip lock
  • Strong sealing, dust-proof and moisture-proof
  • Ink and glue used are environmentally friendly
  • Conforms to industrial anti-static testing standards


Mobile phone accessories
Mobile Phone
Electronic cigarettes

Smart Watch
Smart Electronics
Other Consumer Electronics


Q: Can the packaging bags be customized for me?

A: Yes, we provide a wide range of free standing up pouch bags with custom sizes, formats, materials, printing and convenient features.

Q: How should we get precise pricing?

A: Please provide more details as possible, such as:

1) Type of bag

2) Quantity

3) Thickness

4) Material

5) What product will be packed into the bag.

6) Special requirements. Such as: air proof, moisture proof, sunlight proof.

Q: What is your packaging range?

A: Stand up bags, zip lock bags, side gusset bags, back seal bags, flat bottom bags, vacuum bags, bags with valve and tin tie, spout bags, kraft paper bag, aluminum foil bags, BOPP bags, roll film, PVC bags etc.

Q: Does your company provide sample orders?

A: Yes, we welcome you to take samples from our company to check and test the quality. Mixed samples are acceptable. I believe that the quality of our products can satisfy you.

Q: How can I start the order?

A: 50% of the total amount as the deposit, rest can be paid before shipment.

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