The plastic packaging industry must transform into a “plastic circular economy”

The plastic packaging industry must transform into a “plastic circular economy”


The emergence of GRS global recycling standards for recycled plastic packaging bags to establish a certain credibility. In recent years, the global greenhouse effect continues to intensify, the plastics industry must be transformed into a "plastics recycling economy", which means that the plastics industry needs to change the development model, and gradually to the development of a circular economy.

According to financial headlines data show that if we can fully adopt the circular economy model, encourage the public to go more in daily life to use recyclable plastic bags, that is, waste plastic bags recycled into new products; or biodegradable plastic bags, that is, waste plastic bags do not need to go through landfill or incineration, can automatically degrade into organic fertilizer plastic packaging. Biodegradable plastic bag material is mainly PLA, made of corn starch, polymerized by fermentation, its finished products in addition to biodegradable, but also has a high strength, high transparency, good heat resistance, etc., can be packaged directly into the food. If the whole population can be encouraged to use recyclable plastic packaging bags that meet the relevant national environmental standards, this will not only greatly reduce the use of plastic bags, but also reduce white pollution. In the long run, it is expected to avoid 80% of plastic entering the ocean by 2040, while reducing annual global greenhouse gas emissions by 25% compared to the current linear economic model

Today, under the pressure of population growth and the intensification of the greenhouse effect, major companies should take creating a circular, environmentally friendly economy as their ambitious goal.

Post time: Sep-15-2022